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AnimeXtreme Incorporated

We are a Canadian store specializing in imported products for all your Japanese animation or video gaming needs.

Ponies, Transformers, hats and more! 7.25.2011 | comments

In stock are some My Little Pony toys and a new Transformers Vault book showcasing all the memorabilia in the TF universe.

We've restocked on little Mameshiba plushes and various anime and videogame postcards. Postcards include Dragonball, Final Fantasy, Vocaloid, Black Rock Shooter, and more!

Look up next time you're at the store! We've also got so many character hats that they're on the ceiling!

Kingdom Hearts, Angry Birds and Mameshiba! 7.12.2011 | comments

Get your Kingdom Hearts keychains and mini keyblades!


Check out these new Angry Birds plushes and Mameshiba toys.


New products 7.05.2011 | comments

We now carry 4D puzzles! Steve and Cindy worked on building this replica of Toronto. It goes up to Dundas street.

NEW! Square-Enix Products T-shirts featuring concept arts.

Along with the new Final Fantasy Creatures Vol. 3, we have something for Little Big Planet fans.

How much do you like Pocky? Check out our Pocky chopsticks! We also have some new Godzilla figures.